preparing lemon juice
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Lemon Juice and Weight Loss

Joel A.


preparing lemon juice

The sour taste of lemons is derived from the high amounts of citric acid found naturally in this yellow citrus fruit. The concentrated acid has been widely used for both culinary and non-culinary purposes. One of the more popular non-culinary uses of lemon is to help weight loss.

Benefits of lemon juice

When used for dieting, lemon juice affects how digestive enzymes and acids in the digestive track work. The consumption of high amounts of acid found in lemons helps lower the absorption rates of sugars. This means that less amounts of unused sugar will be turned into fat.

While the citric acid in lemons blocks sugars, it also helps increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium. The calcium absorbed from food is then stored in existing fat cells. Calcium is believed to help enhance the body’s natural ability to burn fat cells.

Lemons can also help with a person’s outside appearance. The high amounts of vitamin C in the fruit will help rejuvenate the skin and bring back its natural glow. Lemon juice also promotes quick bursts of energy in the body.

Lemon juice ideas

There are many ways to consume lemon juice throughout the day. One simple method of consuming lemon juice is to put some fresh lemon slices in a warm bottle of water and drink immediately after waking up in the morning. Other methods of drinking lemon juice include:

  • Include a slice of lemon with every glass of water you drink throughout the day.
  • Mix lemon juice with some natural honey in warm water and drink at night before going to bed.
  • Make fruit infused water with other natural fruits to add variety to your drink choices.

There are many benefits to drinking lemon juice, including weight loss. When dieting, make a plan to consume an entire lemon’s worth of juice per day. This will help speed up the weight loss process and help make you feel energized and beautiful in the process.